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Zach Daniels

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Zach Daniels was born and raised right here in Anchorage! Zach caught the radio bug young when his mom promised a tour of her favorite oldies station KBYR for being a good kindergartener in school. The idea of talking and pushing buttons for work seemed far superior to actually working so as soon as Zach got his driver’s license he had a job in radio!

Zach’s first radio job was on KZND (87.7 The End) in 1999 and shortly after was working Saturday and Sunday mornings 6 am to noon on KFQD while doing Saturday evenings on KWHL…during his junior and senior years at Bartlett High! After high school, Zach went to college in Fairbanks and continued his radio career doing everything from reading the news, to playing hip hop, classic rock, oldies and even hosting tradio! 

While at UAF, Zach and his future wife Rachael met and moved to Anchorage after graduating.

After trying to find a ‘real job’ as an insurance adjuster and a salesman at Channel 2, Zach came home to Anchorage Media Group in 2007 to begin his career in the sales department and continue his on air role at K-Bear 104.1. Since then, Zach and Rachael have welcomed three amazing children into their lives (one beautiful girl, two handsome/stinky little boys) and their fur baby Dixie Sue Pug.

Should you ever find yourself in Kodiak, Zach’s voice can also be heard every morning on Kodiak’s Country Station 98.7 KVOK.