Hola! I’m DeAnna and I’ve been associated with KBEAR 104.1 since I was a wee child, well 13-years-old. But still, that was many many moons ago. 

I lived in Fort Knox, Kentucky for a couple of years while my Dad was in the Army and loved it. More so, I loved country music. Kentucky is just a hop, skip, and maybe another hop to Nashville, Tennessee. I’ll never forget the first time I went to Nashville, it was the coolest! 

Well needless to say, my Dad retired from the Army and my family decided to move back to Alaska. We’ve been back since the early 90s. Being so far from Nashville the closest thing to country music was KBEAR 104.1.

 I began calling Matt Valley, bugging him to sign me up for volunteer opportunities with the station. Soon after, I started helping with the Annual St. Jude Radiothon’s. In-between my 13th and 17th birthday’s I helped out at all sorts of KBEAR events and was even the BEAR on occasion. 

Now jumping ahead to my senior year of high school, go T-Birds. I graduated from East High School in 2003 just to give you an idea of how old I am. I enrolled in Radio and Television Productions at the King Career Center and loved it! I thought then that radio was a blast but boy was I really in for a surprise a couple of year’s later…and I mean that in a good way. 

After my first semester at KCC, I did an internship with the Anchorage Media Group with KBEAR being my favorite radio station of the group. During that time I learn and worked in all aspects of radio. After I finished my internship and graduated I was hired on to work the overnight shift, basically baby sitting the radio stations.

 Later I worked in the promotions department and then marketing. During that time I continued to play part-time on the radio. I was invited in March 2009 to come on board and give the then “Wake-Up” a shot. I of course have loved it and have continued waking you up weekday mornings since then! 

Now on a little more of a personal note….I am a single Mom to an incredible now two-year-old boy named Laken. My other kid is a little more fluffy, at least during the winter. I have him shaved like a lion in the summer (so cute), a Pomeranian named Quincy. 

I’m I’ll FINALLY graduating from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA in strategic communications and a minor in psychology. It’s only taken me close to ten years to graduate but I am graduating and at this point, that’s all that matters. Might I advise though, if you’re going to pursue college, do it and get it done. For me and for most, what started out as a semester break from school, turned out to be years! 

I love summers in Alaska. As for the winters, well not so much, especially after the latest one we struggled to mentally survive through. 

My favorite color is PINK! I love eating ice cream in the bath tub, I know weird but you have to try it! I’m always down to try new things. I have both a defined and undefined bucket list that I plan to full up to the brim! 


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